BA Psych, Lead Clinical Coordinator

Kyra St-Germain

Kyra is a recent psychology graduate from the University of British Columbia, where she found her passion for clinical and developmental psychology. Her experience as a research assistant at UBC’s Early Development Research Group has allowed her to explore social and moral development in children, resulting in a deep appreciation for the work that goes into psychological research. Her years practicing applied behavioural analysis (ABA) with neurodiverse children sparked a passion for using evidence-based treatment when practicing applied psychology. With hopes of pursuing a career in counselling, Kyra is currently working on expanding her clinical skills and is focusing on reducing the mental health stigma in the community by representing our team as a clinical coordinator.

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Words to live by

“You can, you should, and if you are brave enough to start, you will!” – Stephen King

Q & A With our Staff

A little bit more about me


I completed my Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. I am hoping to pursue a Master of Counselling from one of the many amazing schools we have here in British Columbia!

What led you to want to pursue counselling?

My passion to pursue the counselling psychology field stems from my work with children on the autism spectrum as well as my experience working in a child development research lab. I have always been fascinated with the way children soak up the world around them and enjoy providing them with the necessary tools to experience life in a positive way. This has kickstarted my interest in pursuing a career where I can equip people with the necessary tools to mitigate stress in their lives and reach their full potential.

What do people say your biggest strength is?

People would say my biggest strength is my ability to communicate with a variety of people and in different fields. I have a passion for all kinds of knowledge and am very comfortable listening and speaking on a variety of topics!

Something you’re proud of (challenge you’ve overcome, etc.)?

I am very proud of completing a triathlon that required a lot of training. I used to absolutely hate running, was horrible at it, and honestly avoided it at all costs. I have always been active in sports my whole life and was really eager to try and push myself in completing a triathlon! Although it was very challenging to stay motivated, the sense of accomplishment at the end was totally worth it, even if my run time was a little slower than most!

One thing you’ve learned from working with people?

One thing I have learned from working with people is that we are all human! I used to get so intimidated by bosses and other coworkers until I realized that we all struggle at times, and all have our own unique lives outside of work. I now view coworkers as collaborators and look at it like an opportunity to get to work with someone else with a diverse skill set.

What/who inspires you?

I am continuously inspired by the psychologists and counsellors in my field who continue to push the boundaries on mental health and advocate for universal accessibility. I am inspired by the countless extra hours I have seen people in this field put in that often goes unnoticed, where the satisfaction comes from knowing they will make a difference, not get rewarded.

Favorite book and why?

Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) because it reduces existentialism down to childlike wonder and simplifies concepts of beauty and friendship. The book highlights the idea that we can sometimes get caught up in our fast-paced society and lose focus on things that really matter in life. I believe we can all benefit from returning to our childlike open-mindedness, with constant questioning and exploration of what is most valuable to us.

Favorite things to do?

I am an avid surfer, snowboarder, hiker, and am always looking for the next adventure. I love travelling and exploring and can usually be found on a mountain or near the water when I am not working on my career! I am very passionate about fitness and redefining what health and wellness means to every unique individual. I am also a major foodie and this goes along with my belief that health doesn’t have to equate to a lack of cheeseburgers in your life!