Why Online Therapy?

Research has demonstrated that online therapy can be just as therapeutic as in-person therapy when conducted effectively. It provides the convenience of therapy in a location of your choosing, giving you the comforts and convenience you need during your session. It allows people that may not have time for an in-office session, to receive support in an efficient and timely manner.

Online therapy can also beneficial to people who have mobility concerns or health concerns. Often commuting to an office is too exhausting or just isn’t physically possible. Online therapy enables people to save their energy for session, as opposed to focusing on physically getting there.

Attending a session virtually can also allow clients to focus on what’s going on for them in the moment, at a location that is the most calming for them. Sessions can be attended on a quiet beach, in a forest, on your favorite couch, or a serene place in the sunshine. The locations to your counselling are your choice, and your counsellor can support you in choosing the session location that best suits your needs.

What Is Online Counselling / Therapy

Online therapy/Virtual Counselling/Telehealth are all common names to describe attending sessions outside of the office with the support of technology. For counselling, our clinical associations dictate that the programming we use must be secure, ensuring all sessions are confidential much like in-office counselling sessions. Sessions may be conducted through video or phone, depending on your needs.

Learn more about online therapy / counselling below and for support with finding the therapist that’s the best fit for you, book online for a complimentary service where we’ll guide you through the process of how to choose a counsellor that’s the best fit to get you started. Call now or book online.


How Does It Work?

At the scheduled time of your session, your counsellor emails you a secure link, you simply click the link directly on your laptop or a free app on your phone and you’ll be are able to see and connect with your counsellor in real-time.

Video versus Phone Counselling

Some people feel self-conscious over video, find it distracting, or unnerving, and we understand. If you prefer phone calls, we tailor therapy to whatever is best for you. This preference can change depending on the day, where you are, or how you’re feeling. Whatever your comfort level, our counsellors will remain judgment free and ensure you receive the best therapy regardless of the communication approach.

How Do I Get Started?

Book an online appointment now directly through our secure webpage or give us a call to get to know us a bit more. We are always happy to help.

See our list of specific concerns that our counsellors are trained in:

  • Feeling stuck, feeling alone, searching for happiness
  • Trauma: sexual, childhood events, accidents, breakups
  • Feeling overwhelmed, social anxiety, specific fears
  • Grieving: death of loved ones, end of relationships, loss of self (identity)
  • Career: work-life balance, money, life goals
  • Challenging behaviours: substances, eating, spending,

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