Individual Counselling

Learning to grow through consistent supported change

Individual counselling at Skylark is an opportunity for you to build coping skills, resilience, and problem solving skills so that you can learn from life’s events.  Our counsellors recognize and support you to build on your inherent strengths and values as you overcome challenges and feel empowered to move forward. Call now or book online to schedule a session.

What is individual counselling?

Individual counselling is confidential treatment, focusing on further developing one’s insight, coping mechanisms and strategies to excel in personal, work, or a variety of life goals and challenges. Some concerns may be the impact of a certain behaviour on yourself, on others, how other people’s challenges impact you. Our counsellors are trained to identify challenging frames of thought and build on strengths to change these behaviours. A counsellor can be a sound-board for you to bounce ideas off of, a neutral perspective on a certain dilemma, or they can be someone to clarify your thoughts and feelings through a difficult time in your life.


See our list of specific concerns that our counsellors are trained in:
• Feeling stuck, feeling alone, searching for happiness
• Feeling overwhelmed, social anxiety, specific fears
• Trauma: sexual, childhood events, accidents, breakups
• Grieving: death of loved ones, end of relationships, loss of self (identity)
• Career: work-life balance, money, life goals
• Challenging behaviours: substances, eating, spending, technology

Individual Standard


50 minutes
(+ GST)

Individual Extended


80 minutes
(+ GST)