Healthy and Supportive Discussions

Many families today report feeling more disconnected than ever, or just too busy to spend the time together that they would like to. With each family member engaged in career or schooling, it can be easy to lose track of each other.

Family counselling is one way in which families can strengthen those all-important bonds, sharpen communication skills, learn new ways of resolving conflict, spend high quality time together, and chart a path forward as a family with clearly defined common goals.

Skylark’s Registered Clinical Counsellors offer the kind of environment and expert skills that can help families navigate difficult conversations. We believe every family is unique and deserves a safe space to navigate the complexities of their relationships.

A Unique Approach To Family Counselling

With each counsellor offering their own unique approach to family counselling, Skylark offers any family, regardless of their situation, the support they need to work through whatever their family dynamics may be.

Connect with a Counsellor

What is Family Counselling?

Family counselling is a powerful therapeutic approach that brings family members together to address and resolve issues collaboratively, or just to connect and communicate in a deeper way.

Research shows that family counselling can be one of the most effective tools for fostering positive change and promoting a sense of connection, belonging, and new perspectives essential for healthy relationships.

In family sessions, you can expect to experience reassurance, inspiration, and hope as you work through shared struggles. The process of sharing and listening within a family setting often leads to deeper compassion, mutual understanding, and collective growth.


What to Expect in Family Counselling Sessions

Counselling in a family setting facilitated by one of Skylark’s counsellors promotes mutual openness.

One family member’s vulnerability can become contagious, encouraging others to open up as well. This further develops compassion for one another as individuals discover the common themes in their stories and situations–we aren’t so different after all.

As this connection strengthens, participants gain surprising insights into their journey along with the ability to shift perspectives into more expansive possibilities.

Our individual stories may be different, but we all require the same perseverance and courage to find our hidden strengths. Family Counselling is an opportunity to find them together.

Common Questions & Concerns about Family Counselling

What types of topics can we discuss in family counselling?

Our counsellors will help your family define and work toward any goal you may have. There are no subjects that need be off-limits. We are adept at creating an environment that is safe and welcome no matter the issues at hand, or who is involved.

Your family sets the direction and our counsellors facilitate the process of taking you where you want to go.

What if certain family members are introverted or shy?

We always strive to make everyone feel heard and respected.

No one is ever forced to speak, and space is always made for quieter voices. Every family member, regardless of personality or communication style, is supported in sharing in their own way. Please connect with one of our counsellors to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

I have my own problems–I can’t deal with someone else’s too.

We get it. Your plate is full enough as it is, and taking on other people’s issues can feel like too much. Family Counselling at Skylark can actually lighten this load by helping individual family members work together and face challenges as a team.

What may have appeared as insurmountable becomes possible through the shared resilience and stronger bonds forged by a collective focus on ourselves and each other.

If group therapy seems too daunting, consider exploring individual counselling options instead.

Additional Information on Family Counselling at Skylark

If you and your family are ready to embark on this new phase of growth together, we welcome you.

Family sessions at Skylark are designed to be flexible and accommodating to your unique needs. Bring as many or as few family members as you like. Each session is facilitated by a counsellor with special training in leading group discussions, ensuring a balanced and productive conversation.

Individual check-ins and follow-up sessions can also be arranged as needed.

Sessions range from 50 – 80 minutes and are usually conducted once a week for 6 weeks. However, your family’s sessions can be customized around your needs and family schedule.

Your first session will focus on setting expectations and establishing a foundation for future discussions. This may include setting ground rules, brainstorming goals, and creating a safe space for all family members to share their thoughts and needs.

This initial session is crucial for building a collaborative and respectful environment.

Our Appointment Fees

Family Standard


/ 50 minutes
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Family Extended


/ 80 minutes
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