Healthy and Supportive Discussions

Our Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCCs) provide effective family counselling and welcome all configurations of family units. Our clinicians are incredibly comfortable with holding space for meaningful, and sometimes quite difficult, conversations in the therapy room. Each counsellor brings their own unique approach to help you and your family understand and work through the different dynamics that being in a family bring.

What is Family Counselling?

Research shows that often counselling as a family is the most effective therapeutic tools for change. Companionship in solving problems, working with your family members that are struggling in similar area often promotes a sense of connection, belonging, and new perspectives. Clients often find sessions reassuring, inspiring, and hopeful. Counselling as a group can promote reciprocity: meaning vulnerability is contagious, unfiltered knowledge sharing is united, and people develop a deeper level of compassion towards themselves based on others’ empathy. In group, individual stories are different, but people are able to see themes and commonalities of their own story in others, leading to expanded insight and thought-changing capabilities. In essence, seeing other people’s strengths, perseverance, and courage in real-time, inspires hidden strengths within ourselves.

I or one of my family members are introverted, is this a good fit for us?

Our group facilitators are skilled at guiding the conversation, making space for quieter voices and using a variety of communication methods. No one is ever forced to speak in your session, and we make room for all personality types and communication styles. Connect with an individual counsellor to further discuss your concerns around family therapy being a good fit for you.

I don’t like hearing about their problems, I have too many of my own to deal with.

This is common feeling for a lot of people. Our society demands perfection: being the perfect partner, friend, parent, employee…We all have challenges, and we all have a lot of them. Often connections with others on these challenges makes them easier to navigate, linking minds, diminishing fears, and inspiring strengths within ourselves. That being said sometimes, we are simply too maxed out to partake in group therapy, and that’s completely understandable. Connect with a counsellor to further explore if family therapy is a good fit for you.

I’ve never been a part of family counselling before, what should I expect?

Families range in numbers and so does your session. Bring as many or as few members as you like. In each family session there is your counsellor who acts as a facilitator to the conversation and who have specialized training in leading groups. This will allow for individual check-in’s after the group sessions if needed, or scheduled follow-up sessions with a counsellor.

What types of topics can we discuss in family counselling?

Skylark counsellors facilitate all types of communication with the common goal of supporting open and constructive conversation. They can help you and your family set a goal and work towards that common goal for your family.

What should I expect for my first Family Counselling session?

The first session of each group will focus on setting family expectations for communication, standards, and will allow members to brainstorm ideas on what everyone would like out of their sessions, allowing each family to express their own goals and define their own culture and needs. Some needs may be: designated 5 minute break, cell phones on silent, judgement free disclosure, etc.

Time commitment needed for a family sessions?

Session recommendations vary in length and time, ranging from one 50 – 80 minute session, to once a week for 6 weeks. These sessions can also be custom build around your needs and family schedule.

Please contact us to enquire into our family counselling availability or book online with the counsellor of your choosing for upcoming schedules.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are connected with a Skylark Counsellor, talk to them about registering for our current groups. If you do not have a counsellor with us, please book a free phone consultation, to discuss which counsellor would be the best fit for you.

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Family Extended


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