Helping Children and Youth Thrive

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities children and youth face.

Their mental health needs can sometimes be overlooked by family, community, and society at large. Youth are also facing new challenges that may not have been common in previous generations.

This is why we have expanded our services to provide specialized clinical counselling and much needed support for young people from childhood through adolescence. Our counsellors are highly trained and handpicked for their ability to help children and teens thrive. Learn more about child and youth counselling and for support with finding the therapist that’s the best fit for you, book online for a complimentary service where we’ll guide you through the process of how to choose a counsellor that’s the best fit to get you started. Call now or book online.

Benefits of Counselling for Children

Skylark’s Certified and Registered Clinical Counsellors possess expertise in various therapeutic fields that help children and adolescents navigate the unique challenges they face today, while setting them up for greater happiness and success in the future.

Childhood is full of growth, change, and new experiences that can be as exciting as they are challenging. Our child specialists are here to help children process life’s ups and downs in a supportive environment.

We create a warm, welcoming space where kids feel comfortable. Our easy-going counsellors bring an energetic and engaging attitude that makes children feel heard and understood.

Through playful modalities like art, music, and games, we make sessions fun while building critical communication and problem-solving skills.


Common Reasons Children Participate In Counselling

Life Changes and Transitions

Big life transitions such as divorce, moving, changing schools, or grief and loss can all be difficult for children to process. We provide extra support during these times of change and help kids find their footing in the face of adversity.

Emotional Challenges

Emotional regulation is something many children struggle with. Big feelings like anger, anxiety, sadness or frustration can be confusing and hard to communicate. We teach healthy ways for kids to understand, process, and express these emotions.

Social Challenges

Social challenges like making friends, managing bullying, or social anxiety present another challenge for kids. Skylark’s counselling services help children build confidence, self-assurance, and practical strategies for relating to others and resolving conflict.

Developmental Differences

ADHD, autism, and other developmental differences can be tough on kids and parents alike. We help children embrace their unique strengths, while giving parents practical tools and strategies that can be used as a family team.

Unique Abilities

There are many gifted children who exceed expectations, but who may not have the support structures to harness their potential and allow them to truly shine. We nurture these abilities while providing the emotional support needed to build confidence and shoot for the stars.

Trauma & Behavioural Challenges

Children may act out with anger or shut down completely as a result of painful experiences. Our qualified counsellors provide a safe space for children to process these emotions in a healthy way, build resilience, and regain a sense of safety and self-worth. We help identify the root causes of problematic behaviours, and provide positive reinforcement and strategies to help improve conduct at home and at school.

General Counselling Support

Some children are highly sensitive and benefit from having a safe space to talk about their inner world.

Our child-centered, play-based techniques meet children where they are.

We incorporate games, art, music and hands-on activities to build trust and comfort, and to make the process fun. Our counsellors invest time developing rapport with each child, encouraging them to participate and open up to their potential.

We provide parents and children with relevant psychoeducation, parenting strategies and family support. By partnering with parents, we take a holistic approach to promoting mental health for the entire family.

Our goal is to equip children with the inner resources to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities, now and in the future.

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Benefits of Counselling for Teens

The pre-teen and teenage years bring new levels of change, stress and complexity. We offer a specialized approach to supporting youth through this important time of growth and discovery. 

Our counsellors create a relaxed, non-judgemental space where youth feel safe being themselves. 

By incorporating creative modalities like art, music, movement, and hands-on activities tailored to teen interests, we build the crucial rapport and trust necessary for each teen to discover their potential.


Physical And Emotional Changes

We provide guidance on puberty, self-image, relationships, sexual health, and more. Building the foundations for confidence early on through psychoeducation can help teens understand themselves better and set them up for success.

Social And Peer Challenges

Things like making friends, managing social media, dating, bullying, and social anxiety can strike teens especially hard. We want to equip youth with the tools and knowledge to navigate these social complexities skillfully in their early years and into adulthood.

Mental Health Support

We help teens understand and manage conditions such as depression, social anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, and addiction. Many of these symptoms can be seen as an opportunity to find growth and inner strength. No diagnosis needs to be a life sentence.

Identity Development

We facilitate exploration of interests, values, goals, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Teens are in a stage of life where they are trying to find out who they are, what their role is, and what they want to be. Our expert counsellors will offer guidance through this process, giving them clarity and confidence about their goals.

Life Transitions

Changing schools, completing college applications, landing those first jobs, forming new relationships, and planning for the future can be scary and confusing. We equip teens with the practical tools and self-knowledge that will allow them to turn obstacles into stepping stones.

Skill Building

There are many life skills for teens that aren’t necessarily taught in school, but which are critical for a life of balance and satisfaction. 

Understanding decision-making, mastering emotional regulation, discovering the keys to conflict resolution, learning more effective stress management, and building communication or leadership skills are all invaluable advantages for teens to thrive. 

Investing In Lifelong Mental Wellness

Participating in counselling doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong or that there’s a problem. Counselling sessions can also be an opportunity to share wins, discuss opportunities, and get a clearer vision for life. 

Our counsellors are easy going, relatable, and approachable, and we’re here to support you no matter what you’re going through. 

Our clinical team incorporates evidence-based approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), collaborating with children and teens to set goals with practical take-home tools.  

Family therapy sessions are also available to improve communication, resolve conflicts and deepen connections. By including parents and siblings, we approach psychological well-being from a holistic and practical point of view.

We provide valuable supplementary tools and life skills that foster inner strength and resilience. With the knowledge to encounter and successfully navigate life’s challenges and crises, children and youth can live with greater confidence and joy.

We aim to normalize therapy so youth don’t feel defined by their challenges. By reframing counselling as a tool for self-discovery and growth, we empower youth to proactively nurture their mental health.


An Opportunity For Growth

Childhood and adolescence are critical times to begin building resilience, self-knowledge and coping skills for lifelong mental health. Early intervention and support will have profound and beneficial impacts over a lifetime.

Our specialized clinical team empowers youth to understand and care for their inner worlds, with the goal of developing the self-awareness, resources and strategies that youth can draw upon throughout their lives.

Contact us today for an initial consultation to discuss your family’s needs, or to learn more about how our clinical team empowers youth and families to enjoy lifelong inner peace and joy.

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