Skylark Counselling is a private practice made up of diverse, transparent, and welcoming Registered Clinical Counsellors. We continually strive to create safe spaces, team-building events, and training opportunities to ensure staff have all the tools and support they need to help them thrive in their important line of work. We work from a “therapist-first” model where the counsellors have flexible scheduling and check-ins to ensure their own mental health is put first.

All staff are supported and encouraged to have their own passion projects to promote mental health awareness, challenge stigmas, and celebrate our values of integrity, understanding, and individual empowerment.

Our clinic alleviates the need for any business expertise as we handle all marketing, client-matching and scheduling. We are looking for warm and empathetic counsellors who desire both the flexibility of a private practice, but also enjoy the collaborative dynamics of a strong team. We want you to love what you do.

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We are currently not accepting intern applicants at this time. Thank you for your consideration.