How confidential are sessions?

We hold confidentiality to the highest regard within our practice. Everything that is said before, during, and after session will not be communicated to anyone without your written consent. We will not disclose your affiliation with our practice in any way without your written consent. Any written client identifying information will be encrypted and stored behind two locks when unattended. All online sessions are encrypted and password coded. There are four limits to confidentiality where we are bound to disclose information:

  1. When there is an imminent risk of you physically harming yourself or others
  2. When there is a suspicion or disclosure of neglect/abuse involving a vulnerable person or child
  3. When a client’s records are subpoenaed by court order
  4. When there is a medical emergency in office, we will contact emergency services on your behalf should you be unable to respond.

If you have any further questions, please reach out and one of our counsellors will get back to you promptly.